We are glad to present Official Carrier of the 5th ICC Lex Mercatoria – Taxi “Пятница” | taxi5.by.


Official Carrier
Taxi “Пятница” | Taxi5.by

During all the event (23 November – 29 November) you can use ICC Lex Mercatoria Official Carrier (Taxi “Пятница” | taxi5.by) with special rates, including transfer “Airport-Minsk-Airport”.

In order to get your discount you need to tell the code “BILA” ([‘bila]) to a driver, or to an operator (if you call taxi by phone), or indicate it in commentaries in mobile app or the website.

The usual rate for transfer “Airport-Minsk-Airport” is about 15 Euro or 37 BYN.

We recommend you not to use other cabs as this is less safe and usually more expensive.

All the cabs are equipped with free wi-fi and accept VISA and MASTERCARD.

How can you order?

  • by phone: (1) short number: 7500 (2) if your phone is in roaming: +375 29 133-75-00
  • via mobile app

Learn more about Taxi “Пятница” | taxi5.by here.

Download the mobile app: